Xenons S1800 1800mm 32 Heads high speed corrugated printer

High Quality&Performance Large Format S1800-packjet plateless one pass digital Printer
Printhead: epson i3200*16/32
Productivity: 30m~60m/min
Drop Volume: 2.5pl
Print Size: 1800mm
Resolution: 360*2400dpi
Description Specifications Applications

Product advantages:

1. Convenient and fast:
It eliminates cumbersome procedures such as plate making, imposition, and color correction, and has absolute advantages in small and medium batch printing and urgent documents. All electronic patterns generated by typesetting, design software and office application software can be directly output.
2. Low carbon and environmental protection:
The traditional printing machine needs to be cleaned when changing varieties, which will generate a lot of sewage and pollute the environment; the ONE PASS high-speed plateless printing machine adopts four-primary-color inkjet printing technology without washing the machine.
3. Save labor:
The traditional printing process requires high printing technology for workers, a lot of labor, cumbersome adjustment process, time-consuming and labor-consuming, and low production efficiency;
Runnos ONE PASS high-speed plateless printing machine adopts computer graphics, computer color adjustment, computer preservation, printing on demand, saving time and effort, and high production efficiency.
4. Flexible and efficient:
Fully digital printing can provide more flexible printing methods, that is, printing and printing while printing, and printing while printing, realizing zero inventory in the true sense. This flexible and fast printing method enhances the customer's advantage in a competitive environment where every second counts.

Details and characteristics:

1. Adopt high-precision transmission belt, high precision, excellent wear resistance, and stable transmission;
2. Servo motor + planetary deceleration drive, with Omron encoder, stable and fast conveying step;
3. Lifting cleaning mechanism, whole-stage scraping, better cleaning and moisturizing effect;
4. Electric lifting trolley, the lifting height is 0~20mm;
5. Smart touch screen + built-in display control, the operation is more convenient and intelligent.
6. The whole machine adopts steel pipe welded frame structure, the machine has high precision and good stability.
7. The ink cart printing area adopts a closed appearance to better protect the ink cart printing environment.
8. The overall appearance is simple and atmospheric.

Models S1800
Print Head epson i3200
Number of print heads Maximum support: 32
Media Width 1800 mm (70.8 Inch)
Thickness Maximum 20mm
feed size 1800 mm (70.8 Inch)
Printing Width 540-1080mm
Bearing weight Maximum 200KG
carton, paper bag, paper cup, cardboard, etc.
Printing accuracy 600dpi/900dpi/1200dpi
Color White Color
Inks Types Water Base
Ink Capacity 3.5L (± 100 ml)
Colors KCMY
Printing platform Integrated Tri-Heating System,
Crawler platform without pressure roller design
Cleaning system Automatic lifting cleaning mechanism
Interface High Speed USB-3.0/ Lan port
Power supply AC 110/220 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Printer Dimensions Machine(L*W*H): 3300 * 1800 * 1000mm (excluding paper feeding system)
Package(L*W*H): 3500*2100*1280mm
RIP software MT/PP/ONYX
Weight (with stand) Without table unit: 480 lb. (218 kg)
Environmental Temperature: 59° to 95°F (15° to 35°C)
 Humidity: 20% to 80%
PrintLinks System Requirements
Operating system Windows® 7/10 (64-bit)
CPU Intel® Core™ 8, 4.0 GHz or faster recommended
RAM 8 GB or more recommended
Video card and monitor A resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 or more recommended
Free hard-disk space 80 GB or more recommended
Hard-disk file system NTFS format
Optical drive DVD-ROM drive
Other requirements Ethernet or USB port
Internet connection and web browser to software Registration
Please note: Considering that you will be using software such as Illustrator,
we recommend that you use as high performance computer as possible to reduce RIP processing time.
We also recommend using a hard disk that has large enough capacity,
as print files are often tens of GB in size (or larger) when data is high resolution.
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