UV LED Printers

X2513-2.5*1.3m UV LED Flatbed Inkjet Printer (max support 12*industrial head)

High Performance Large Format Flatbed LED UV Printer
Printhead: Ricoh GEN5/GEN6/Epson i32000-U1
Productivity: 62 sqm/h
Ink Set: CMYK LcLm White Varnish
Drop Volume: 7-21pl
Print Size: 2500*1300mm
Resolution: 600*2400dpi
Ink: UV curab
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Proven digital printing technology and VSDT variable droplet printing technology for highest print quality and sharpest images

Xenons X2513 high speed large format flatbed LED UV printer that expand your business.
This UV Flatbed printer enables high-quality direct printing on almost any kind of rigid surface, including wood, glass, leather, ceramic tiles, Acrylic, cardboard, decorative materials and many more.The printing speed up to 62 square meters per hour.This UV flatbed printer brings you great ROI while expanding your business

Variable color configuration + Easy Upgrate
Standard 4/6 Color plus White,Light Magenta,Light Cyan,Varnish ink for option.
Satisfy different customers for high speed,high resolution,special White and Varnish application on different substrates.
Equipped with high-precision motion system
Applying imported metel rater and high-pseed encoder reader,wear-resistant and aging-resistant.Used linear motor with swift,
efficient,simply constructed,and low failture rate.
High-precision and high loading Japan THK guide rail is applied to support more durable operation.
Anti-crash Sensor,Resume print after E-stop
The safely anti-crash sensor can detect the media circumstance before hand and protect the print heads
from a crush hazard.After that,you can resume printer,which will help you save media.
Automatic Resigtration Pin System
Automatic resigtration pin system aid easy edge to edge printing,which simplifies the media
location and ensure high precision printing output.
Automatic Height Adjust System
The function makes the printer can print up to 100mm thick subtrate.
Dual Automatic Negative pressure Adjust System
Independent negative pressure system for white and varnish provide guarantee for continuously and stable printing.
Self-asjusting design makes negative pressure more stable.
White ink Recirculation System
The white ink will continue to circulate itself during the operation of the machine, and the ink will be smoother,
ensuring continuous ink during the printing process and improving the performance of the white ink.
Anti-static device
Effectively remove the static electricity on the surface of the material, realize the precise positioning of each ink drop,
and ensure the exquisite printing quality.

Models X3220
Print Head Ricoh GEN5/GEN6/KM1024i
Number of print heads 3-8
Acceptable media Dimensions 3200*2000mm  
Height up to 150mm
Weight Less than 50kg/m2 (110.2 lb/ft2), non concentrated load
Printing size 3200*2000mm  
Types almost any kind of rigid surface, including wood, glass, leather, ceramic tiles, Metal and many more
Inks Types UV Curable
Ink Capacity 5L Large Bulk System with automatic supply system
Ink curing system Doul UV LED Lamps
Printing Resolution (dots per inch) Maximum 3600 dpi
Interface High Speed USB-3.0/ Lan port
Power-saving feature Automatic sleep feature
Power supply Voltage and frequency AC 220 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Required power capacity Maximum 20A
Power Consumption During operation Maximum 8500W
Standby mode Approx. 200 W
Printer Dimensions Machine(L*W*H): 5000*2100*1700mm
Package(L*W*H): 5500*2300*1850 mm
RIP software MainTopRip6.1/PP
Weight (with stand) G.W:2300KG   N.W:1468KG
Environmental Power ON Temperature: 68° to 90°F (20° to 32°C) (72°F [22°C] or more recommended) / Humidity: 40 to 60%
Power OFF Temperature: 41° to 104°F (5° to 40°C) / Humidity: 20 to 80% (no condensation)
Maximum Speed Ricoh GEN5(3-8pcs) Ricoh GEN6(3-8pcs)      Konica 1024i (4-16pcs)
Production(4pass) 64 sqm/h  82 sqm/h                          120 sqm/h
Quality(6pass) 44 sqm/h 68 sqm/h                           80 sqm/h
Hi-Quality(8pass) 34 sqm/h 44 sqm/h                           60 sqm/h
PrintLinks System Requirements
Operating system Windows® 7/10 (64-bit)
CPU Intel® Core™ 8, 4.0 GHz or faster recommended
RAM 8 GB or more recommended
Video card and monitor A resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 or more recommended
Free hard-disk space 80 GB or more recommended
Hard-disk file system NTFS format
Optical drive DVD-ROM drive
Other requirements Ethernet or USB port
Internet connection and web browser to software Registration
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