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[New Products ] T3200 full series industrial UV printers were launched

[New Products ] T3200 full series industrial UV printers were launched

On December 28, Yilijet & Xenonjet new product conference was held in Wuhan headquarters,
and T3200 series UV printers were unveiled.

   At this press conference, the product manager of Yili made a detailed introduction to all kinds of digital printers, expecting colleagues from all walks of life to seize the opportunities of the times, calmly face challenges, work together, make progress together, and share the development achievements of the digital inkjet era!

Introduction to T3200 printhead

1、PrecisionCore technology
The manufacturing process of ALL MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) and the use of thin film piezoelectric components can achieve high-precision output, and also have high reliability and flexibility.

2、Four colors at one end
A single print head can easily realize excellent four-color CMYK printing, and users can easily achieve accurate calibration and high-quality printing pictures.

3、Internal heating
The built-in heating device helps to increase the compatibility of UV ink. It can be used for high viscosity ink without complicated external circulation system; The internal heating system makes output printing stable.
Detailed parameters of T3200-U3 printhead:


   This printhead is particularly suitable for UV printing and ink-jet printing industry in terms of printing performance
and service life,At the same time, it takes into account the printing precision, printing speed and cost,
making UV printer equipment more cost-effective.

Introduction to T3200 Series UV Printer

<xenonjet180 UV coiled material digital printer>

Equipped with 4 Epson T3200-U3 printhead
Print width 1800mm
4pass full-color printing speed: 60 ㎡/h
Support 4-color/5-color/6-color/8-color printing scheme
Silent double guide rail+rubber roller feeding system
Equipped with negative pressure ink path system and Yips intelligent printing management system
Widely used in: leather, customized glass sticker, car sticker, canvas bag, floor mat, etc

<xenonjet3200 3.2m UV roll to roll industrial printer>

Equipped with 5/7 Epson T3200-U3 nozzles
Printing width 3200mm
4pass printing speed: 88 ㎡/h
Support 4-color/5-color/6-color/8-color printing scheme
Magnetic suspension linear motor+magnetic grid+rubber roller feeding system
Large capacity negative pressure ink supply system, customized application solution

Widely used in: personalized glass stickers, light box advertisements, wallpaper murals, etc


<2513/3220 large UV flatbed printer>

Equipped with 4 Epson T3200-U3 nozzles
Various media can be printed
4pass full-color printing speed: 56 ㎡/h
Support 4-color/5-color/6-color/8-color printing scheme
Magnetically levitated linear motor+magnetic grid+Yips intelligent management system
UV tablet can print beautiful patterns on almost any material surface

Various processes are combined to present different picture effects

The new T3200 series UV printer has more advantages in the core components.
The 4 colors of the single printhead can be matched with any color scheme
It supports 4 colors, 5 colors, 6 colors, 8 colors and other color configurations,
and can match customized equipment according to your needs!

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