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Coltex S8000-30H textile printer 1200 ㎡/h high-speed dye sublimation printer

With the rapid development of the domestic economy, people's quality of life has been greatly improved, so they are increasingly pursuing personalized clothing, food, housing and transportation; In the clothing industry, personalized T-shirts and a variety of clothing colors; It is no longer the same style as before. The market demand for personalized customization is getting higher and higher. There are more and more personalized customized small orders for clothing printing, and the number of large goods with uniform designs and colors will gradually decrease in the future; Digital printing has formed a trend of gradually eroding the market share of traditional printing industry;

The traditional printing process can not solve the cost demand of small and medium-sized orders for personalized customization. Especially in the current epidemic situation and harsh international environment, it is difficult to make money by receiving orders, and there is no order without receiving orders!

There is a solution when there are difficulties!

At present, almost all large traditional textile printing factories are equipped with digital printing equipment to meet the current market demand! Xiangcai Qilin S8000, 30 heads i3200 factory type digital printing machine, can well meet the industrial demand for digital printing. The production efficiency can reach a printing speed of 1200 ㎡/h. Whether it is small order quick return or medium and large order efficient production, it can quickly and stably deliver goods and quickly seize the market!

Kirin S8000 widened platform, tower type industrial fuselage structure, longer service life;

The average service life of the rack is 8-10 years. Continuous high-speed printing and ink printing for 24 days is the first high-speed factory type digital printing equipment in the industry at this stage, which attracted the attention of major manufacturers on the day of listing!

"In the future, digital printing equipment must be developed towards factory type large-scale equipment with higher production efficiency. With a stable high-speed digital printing machine, the production cost of large goods will be further reduced!"

Intelligent production management system
The whole machine is equipped with Yips cloud printing management system, an intelligent printing system that integrates ERP functions, cluster remote management equipment, built-in RIP function, visualization of big data to show production printing tasks and other functions. It has the detailed management function of the whole production line process from material warehousing to printing, order placement, delivery and delivery, and financial reconciliation, helping enterprises to achieve digital transformation, improving factory production efficiency and reducing work costs!

Qianliyan remote sample signing system
Qianliyan Colorfamily, a real-time online color vision solution based on standardized lighting system, has the function of manuscript color calibration, order color anchoring and remote sample signing in different places, which effectively solves the color problems encountered by digital printing factories in daily proofing and production, and helps designers to quickly finalize the incoming samples. Realize checking accurate color samples thousands of miles away from customers; Reduce the time for face-to-face verification and increase work efficiency

Equipped with 30 i3200-A1 printhead, the high-precision orifice array is 600npi/2 rows, which can support single head 4-color, compact structure, fast printing speed, higher precision, and more durable:

The new staggered arrangement of nozzles solves the inconsistency between left, middle and right effects on the printing platform, and improves the printing quality by at least 30%.

Production stability

Widened platform, industrial tower structure fuselage; Continuous ink production with high speed and stability for 24 days; The rubber roller feeding does not wrinkle, the ink is supplied under negative pressure, and the magnetic suspension linear motor+imported double guide rail design makes the machine run more smoothly and enjoy silent production;

production efficiency

30 i3200 printheads, with a maximum printing speed of 1200 sqm/h; In the future, the production efficiency of digital printing equipment is expected to double, with 3-5 sets produced at the same time, comparable to the traditional printing capacity.

Printing precision

The precise head and ink path made by Epson's unique MEMS technology make the ink droplets sprayed close to the circle and accurately locate.

VSDT (variable ink drop technology) and micro feathering technology can freely control the size of ink drops sprayed, thus reducing the graininess of the picture, presenting more picture details, smooth color transition, and high saturation.

Convenient operation and simple process

There is no need for complicated processes such as plate making, plate printing, and repeated color printing. It only requires the operator to use a computer to deal with it. The operation is simple and convenient. There are fewer steps in the heat transfer printing process, and there is almost no need to watch the whole process manually.

Cost savings

Thin paper printing breaks through 31g, with better compatibility and no material selection. The 10000 meter industrial level material collection and discharge system, the design of back release and back collection, and the intelligent drying system improve the drying efficiency and save space and material costs.

High concentration transfer ink can save ink consumption and reduce the cost of consumables.

Remote visual production allows one person to manage the printing machine at any time and anywhere without manual watch in the printing process, further reducing the labor cost!

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