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Introduction to wide digital printer parts

Wide width digital printers are also divided into photo printers, UV printers, digital printers and other wide width inkjet printers. There has never been a unified standard for their accessories in the industry. Because the manufacturing process is updated faster, the printing accuracy and speed of the printhead are continuously improved, and the ink quality is also continuously improved, so the requirements for some accessories will be more and more strict; Machine accessories are mainly divided into: ink circuit components, circuit components, material receiving and discharging components, motors and drivers, as well as CNC boards, etc.

1. Ink path assembly

Ink path components mainly include ink bags, ink pipes, ink pumps, ink pads, scrapers, filters, ink cartridges, ink pots, etc.
the printheads is a special component, which will be described in detail later

Ink path system has two types: negative pressure and positive pressure.
According to the model of nozzle, the corresponding accessories used are mostly different. When selecting accessories, it is best to determine the corresponding nozzle to determine whether it is appropriate

2. Circuit components

Circuit components mainly include printhead cable, network cable connection, grating, grating decoder, origin switch, proximity switch and other accessories responsible for circuit related work, mainly electronic components

Most of the circuit switches are similar in appearance, with different responsibilities and functions.
It is best to have a technical engineer present. Please choose carefully

3. Receiving and discharging system

The receiving and discharging system of the machine is relatively complex,
and the parts are mainly the receiving component and the discharging component

Different machines are equipped with different collecting and discharging components.
Although the appearance is similar, the functions differ greatly

4. CNC board

There are mainly nozzle boards, adapter boards and CNC motherboards,
and some CNC motherboards are relatively complex, which are composed of three boards. I won't say much about this

5. Printerheads

Epson's piezoelectric printheads is the most commonly used nozzle for industrial wide width inkjet digital printers,
and UV printers use many nozzle brands, such as Ricoh, Seiko, Kyocera, starlight, etc,

Epson piezoelectric nozzle has the advantages of single head and multi-color, especially high precision and low price;
The disadvantage is that the speed is not fast enough, the service life is not long enough, the service life of industrial grade nozzle is long,
the printing speed is fast, the accuracy is relatively low, and the price is particularly expensive!

The printerhead is the core component of the printer, which is expensive and indispensable. Good maintenance can significantly prolong the service life
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